Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blast From the Past

Going to jump back to April again, and show you a few quilts I did for Carol.

"Never Again!" was an amazing quilt made up of hundreds of tiny pieces.  They originated from a Mary Ellen Hopkins workshop taught by Diane Jansson , originally called "Inlaid Tiles".  She was meant to make a placemat, but Carol took it to the extreme and made a bed-size quilt instead, and she says Never Again to that!  It turned out fabulous!

We chose the panto called Paisley Delight.

Carol also completed the Mystery Quilt project that Olga had also participated in, (see previous post called Olga's Flower Garden).  So, they basically made the same kind of blocks, but they arranged them totally different and came up with two different-looking quilts!

I did a variety of quilting, butterflies in the plain squares, continuous curves, ruler work, freehand loops, etc.  Kept me on my toes!

The 3rd quilt I did for Carol was a Christmas wreath.
She provided me with some Holly stencils for the corners, and I did a Holly vine in the border. 

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