Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Antique Wholecloth

My friend Ineke brought me this antique quilt top to do for her sister Rita. She and another sister had trimmed it up and put the borders onto it

It was gifted to Rita, so little is know about it, but after examining it, I could see that it was very well hand-appliqued, with the tiniest of stitches.  There were some also less-pretty stitches, indicating that another person had also contributed some time to the work.

If you think this is a machine satin-stitch, look again!

And from the back you could see part numbers, printed on the cloth, showing where the pieces were to go.  Obviously, this was a kit quilt.

It was a great opportunity for me to practice some wholecloth designing and quilting, which was a challenge, yet quite an enjoyable experience.

I used a water-soluable blue marker to mark the quilting designs.  I love the way the quilt quilted up, and how nice it looked on the frame, but because of the amount of blue marker used, it needed a washing, and then it became the antique it really was!

We used a bamboo batting .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rock 'N Roses Quilt

I made this quilt for my niece, supposedly for her graduation, which was last June, but she only took ownership of it a couple of days ago, while she watched me put the last stitches into it.

 I used a Rock 'N Roses panel from Northcott Fabrics, and a few of the coordinating fabrics.


I made an error into an opportunity.  I needed to insert the big black spaces in the center ends in order for the borders to fit properly, so I used that space for some freehand curls.  I loved the way the Rainbow threads stood out against the black.