Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oh, Christmas Tree! lovely were your branches!

I hate putting Christmas away.

December was such a busy month, and I was late at getting everything done.  It was a struggle trying to accomplish what was expected of me!  By the time we got the tree up a few days before the boys came home, to after the New Year'd been rung in, seemed like such a short time, and already I was faced with the task of undressing it!

I was kind of sad, and grouchy about the job at hand.  But what started out as a chore, was transformed into a walk down memory lane, a trail of blessings.

I guess I must have missed it when I decorated the tree a couple of weeks prior, being under the pressure of having to get it done!

Taking those trimmings off the tree, one at a time, made me think of all the people who gifted the ornaments to our family over the years.
I made a series of crocheted balls one year.
Another year, folded stars with cross-stitch

The homemade ones that the kids made while they were in school, or spending an afternoon with Granny.
The ones I, and sister-in-law Gail made.  We were an over-achieving bunch!  When did we ever have time?
Gail made these adorable Santas
Deda's spray-painted pinecones

The bronze spray-painted pine cones tied with cotton string, remind me of Dan's grandfather, who is long gone from our lives...
Quilted spools one year.

Who would've thought, that these adornments would serve as frozen moments of time?
from a family whose kids I'd taught Sunday School one year

I'm glad I didn't miss this blessing the second time, because it communicated the love shared over the years.... that surfaces but once a year.
Plastic canvas Santas held Hershey's kisses
clothespin reindeer

Log cabins

button wreaths

made after his first Christmas!
nail-punched frozen juice tins
dough ornaments made before I was married

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Sam said...

Oh Gloria it's been fun reading up on your posts. I love spending time in the quiet outdoors. Your quilting on your nieces quilt is perfectly suited to the quilt. I liked reading about your decorations. I love trees that have stories, not just fancy pants matchy matchy trees. Have a great 2013.