Friday, March 6, 2009

Border Collies, Revisited

Remember this quilt, which I posted a couple of weeks ago, well I had an enquiry from someone as to where one could get the fabric and pattern. Well, after a few enquiries, I found out that the border collie pillow panels were purchased from a Fabricland, possibly in the Vernon/Kelowna areas, and the rest of the prints (dogs and sheep) were purchased from Diversity Quilt Shop, in Pritchard BC, (250-577-3494). These hints have not been verified.

Sorry, no luck on the pattern. It should be fairly straightforward to figure out, once you have the panels and know what sizes you are working with. Those are attic window blocks that are used.

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makttin said...

Maybe, your dog is thinking "why she wants to take my picture together with this quilt" It is nice one.