Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Spring????

Hello there! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last posted! I guess I'd better get off my butt and get some quilts done!

I took a break to whip up some quilt tops for myself. I have been so inspired to make up a few Hidden 9-patch quilts, from my ever-growing stash of fabrics. I had fabric spread all over and didn't want to stop! One just led to another....Well, to be truthful, I only got one finished, another half finished, and another in the planning stages...I won't show you any photos till I actually get them quilted. I've had to clean up and put them away for now, gotta catch up on some client quilts this week.

Over the past few weeks, I've been starting some plants indoors, getting into the gardening mood. I'm determined to do a good job this year! (I hope!) The earliest ones are going to be planted into the raised beds of my greenhouse, and the latest plantings are going to go outside, if the snow ever disappears! Here is a photo of my garden from the house, as you can see there is still at least a foot of snow that needs to melt!

Today, I spent a good part of the day transplanting my tomatoes, and setting up another grow light to accommodate the growing number of pots.

My husband is even getting into the gardening mood! He buys green coffee beans for roasting, and he read that you can grow coffee plants from these beans! So, he soaked some, waited till they germinated, then planted them! They might take a few years to produce anything, but it's worth a try. Then, he can brag that he even grows his own coffee! I'm just glad that now I might get some help caring for all these plants!

It's funny how we check our seeds several times a day, waiting for the littlest bit of green to pop through the soil. Like waiting for that expected baby to arrive! And what joy I feel when it does!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - growing your own coffee even! You guys are amazing. We would start watering our volunteer petunias but the greenhouse roof caved in with all of the snow and there's still too much snow to get to it to fix it easily.... take care.