Monday, December 7, 2009

Cheater Tablerunner

My brother from Kamloops, and his family, visited us this past weekend. They made a quick trip to see all our family and especially our nephew's baby boy. I sure enjoyed their visit!

Since this was as close to spending Christmas with them as it is going to get this year, I decided this was a good reason to haul out my Christmas decorations. I am into "snowflakes" this year, so I picked up a few extra snowflake-themed ornaments. What I really needed was a nice little tablerunner for my kitchen island, but I didn't have time to "whip one up". So, I created one with pretty snowflake wrapping paper! That was fun! Today, after they left, I picked up some clear Mac-Tac to laminate it so that it will last me at least this season and be wipe-able. I am pretty pleased with it, at least until I can quilt up a "real" one.

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