Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen Quilting

Since January, I've had an eager group of women gathering at my house to learn a thing or two about applique, and quilting in general.  I can't say that I'm an expert in applique, but I think I pulled it off quite well!
Here is a photo of my kitchen converted to a classroom.  The 2 extra tables are the biggest change. I put a huge cutting mat on my island, and set up 3 irons.  It has been working quite well, except that I keep having to run downstairs to pick up this or that.  I've been hinting to my husband that I would like to move my quilting room into our family room downstairs, which would have enough space for a few students.  He is finally convinced and I can't wait for it all to happen, but it will take a few months.  I'm so excited!  He'd better not change his mind! 

Our first project were the applique tablerunners.  It took alot longer than I expected, but the results were amazing!  They were not very easy at all, I did give the girls an easier option , but they didn't like it as much.  I made myself quilt mine on my domestic machine, if I expected my students to do it, I should have to, too!  It was hard!  I got a kink in my neck that has lasted 2 weeks!  From now on, I'm sticking to my longarm!

I still haven't finished mine, but I think you get the idea!


Vivian said...

You go girl! Every quilter deserves a quilting studio. Wasn't that part of the "I promise to ..." that husbands declare in the marriage vows?
Besides ... he gets the kitchen back! Does he cook?

Joanne said...

All the table runners look amazing! I love the idea of learning different applique techniques on one project. Fantastic!