Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spiral Placemats

In my "Quilting in the Kitchen" group, we made these spiral placemats.  

The pattern comes from "Designs to Share With You".  They were fun and easy and are possible to whip up in a couple of hours.  Some of us didn't get that far by the end of the evening, but pretty close!

Most of us chose to make the 24" Table Topper version.  You'll notice one of my girls made a mistake with sewing her strips together, and it still turned out pretty cool!  She was determined to make another one the right way, of course!

I made one with coffee fabrics, for my hubby who loves his Americanos!  The second one is a wintery one for a friend.  I still haven't decided whether to quilt them on my longarm and bind them, or stitch the 3 layers together and turn it inside out, as the pattern suggests.  But this I know, I will make a bunch more, as they would make awesome gifts!

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Joanne said...

Great pattern! They all look fantastic! ♥