Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilting Workshops with Pippa Moore

We recently had Pippa Moore ( ) visit the area, and she stayed to give a workshop on her African Sunshine quilt, a version of the New York Beauty block. 

 Here, Sharon sits with her fabrics

Pippa combines all our blocks and shows us how they can be arranged.

 We are surprised to see how all our different colour combos looked great together!

 Pippa brought some fabrics and kits and buttons from her "little quiltshop on wheels".  It's called "Kitambaa Designs" and can be found on the internet as .
 Pippa stayed and gave a talk and slideshow at our guild meeting, after a yummy potluck dinner!
 She showed us some of the quilts she made from the African fabrics she imports and sells.
 She has an on-going project with a group of African women, teaching them how to sew, quilt and sell their products to the tourist market.

 Pippa was a source of inspiration and we all had a great time!


Anonymous said...

It was a fun and informative time for all of us. Thanks for arranging this event, Gloria.

Joanne said...

What a wonderful opportunity!!

Vivian said...

Pippa is the best!
Your quilting on the embroidered quilt was very nicely done. I can understand being nervous about that one!