Monday, October 5, 2009

Floor Cleaning Pads

I know this is not quilt-related, but I had to share what I did today.

We recently purchased a new swiffer wet-jet for ourselves, and one for the boys, but were quite disgusted with their marketing ploy to sell you more cleaning pads. They are filled with those jelly crystals that absorb water, sure, it makes the pad nice and fluffy, but it is not easy to clean or re-use!

So, I decided to make up a few of my own, using terry cloth towelling on one side and a microfibre cloth on the other, with a layer of heavy (stiff) interfacing in the middle. It was serged around all 4 sides, then I sewed 2 strips of Velcro (loop side) to the "wrong side", to stick to the wet jet tool. I haven't tried them out yet, but we should be able to toss them in the wash and use them again! I made one to scrub with the towelling side, and one to wash on the Microfibre side, so we'll see which works better.

Anyways, hope that inspires you to sew something that you can re-use and not fill up our garbages!


Kazuko said...

Hi, Gloria
I'm Kazuko in Banff now.
How wonderful I will be able to
read your BLOG.

It's very nice pad you made .
Beside, it's good for earth isn't it?

Gloria said...

Hi Kazuko! Glad to hear from you! Did you notice the Nelson quilt show Slideshow on the top right? There's a photo of you with your quilt! Please keep in touch!