Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it...

This weekend, we did abit of furniture arranging.

Since the boys have left, I've had spaces to fill in their rooms, and it's been pretty exciting to put together a matching bedroom set, and switch around other odd bits of furniture. It's nest-building at it's best. So much fun deciding what will go where.

I had purchased a big, 2nd hand desk back in the spring, but neither of the boys wanted it in their condo, so it sat in the garage all summer, in the way, till I was able to decide what to do with it. Well, I had this great brainwave that I would set up a sewing area in the family room, where my hubby has his computer, so we could spend time "together". He has often complained to me that he never sees me, so now we can both do what we want, but together in the same room! Not to mention, my sewing room is a disaster, and it was much easier to just set myself up in another area of the house!

So, in my great wisdom, I decided that evenings were going to be "mine", that is, I would sew to my heart's content, as long as I was in the same room as Dan. I would spent the better part of 2 days on customer quilts, in my quilting room, but hopefully not much more. And in my new sewing corner, I would work on fast and easy projects that required as little concentration as possible. Right now I am really into the split 9-patch, or hidden 9-patch pattern, where you construct 9-patch blocks, then slice them into quarters. They look more complex that they really are. And I have a closet full of fabric that I must use up, so I can justify buying new stuff!
I am so proud of myself, just this weekend, I put together 2 lap-sized quilt tops. I just want to get some quilts together for "just in case", or if I'm really successful, I would like to sell some at a Christmas craft fair. I'm on a roll!

So, in my photos, you can see my new desk, it is 6' x 3', better than my sewing room desks! I've set up an old sewing machine, it used to be Dan's grandmother's, and in it's day it was pretty fancy, with cams that enabled you to have embroidery stitches. It is a wonderful old machine that just seems to keep going. I love it! My ironing area is set upon some plastic drawers, that some day will organize and house different widths of scrappy strips, to make a scrap quilt from. Somehow I can't see myself collecting those right away, as it is much easier to give my scraps to Aunt Molly. I'd rather use up my big pieces of fabric!

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Anonymous said...

So, you are spreading out over the house too! I have my bigger shop now but I still manage to have stuff in my own sewing room and in the kitchen.... I have my eye onthe new sunroom too! It's true though, it is nice to spend time 'together' and still do the things we enjoy!