Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Faux Tiles Finished!

I just spent the last 5 days working on painting my basement floor.  Well, it was 5 days about 7 days ago.

On the first day, I cleaned it with muriatic acid.

Second day, hubby helped me tape a grid pattern on the floor, the original cement is to be the "grout".  It "only" took 7 rolls of masking tape!

Then, I rolled the base coat on, twice.

That took me into the 3rd day, when I "sponged" 3 darker colours onto the base coat.  I used a sheepskin-covered tool, rather than a sponge. Removed the tape.

Fourth day, we taped the outer border, and I painted the first coat, then this morning, (fifth day) I painted a second coat and removed the remaining masking tape.

Voila!  I make it sound so easy, but my body is aching, as though I've been weeding the garden for the past week!  Shows how out of shape I am!

My new studio floor is (almost) ready to receive the bits of thread and fabric that will eventually litter it!  It's still going to be awhile, as I would like the floor to cure.  I will post another photo once I am officially moved in!


Donna said...

Gloria, your floor looks absolutely FABULOUS!I love that you took us step by step. No wonder you are tired! It will certainly be easy to clean up threads and bits once you 'move in'!

Joanne said...

The floor is wonderful! I can't believe that is your basement, great windows! ♥

Lisa W. said...

Oh wow! It looks great!

Vivian said...

Wow! That is a beautiful floor!