Monday, August 22, 2011

Creston Quilt Show 2011

Earlier this spring, I attended the Quilt Show in Creston BC.  See the slideshow in the sidebar to the right. (Forgive me of any errors or omissions!)

My husband and I were in town for other reasons, but I convinced him to drop me off for an hour, so I was busy running through the show, snapping photos and chatting with a few people, while I carefully watched the time.  I was quite impressed with the variety of the quilts on display, the guild certainly is a talented bunch!

I was impressed with the challenges that were evident.  In one, each participant pulled a colour chip at random, and had to create a black and white quilt with some of their chosen colour inserted.

Another grouping showed a number of quilts made with the same iris pattern, and it was interesting how each person made the pattern up in their own way.

I think the shows theme was an Oriental one, so there was also an Oriental grouping, not sure if it was a challenge or not.

There were displays of quilts that were a result of workshops put on by Susan Purney-Mark, and Pippa Moore, both from Vancouver Island.

Eileen Gidman is a local artist who paints onto fabric, and there were a few items on display from a workshop that some quilters took with her.

There were several other art quilts that were also a result of classes some had taken.

All in all, I was very inspired and it was the highlight of my day!  (Next to spending time with my hubby, of course!)

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