Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oriental Carpet Bargello Quilt called Arabian Nights

Mary just picked up the quilt she left for me to do.  It was one of the most beautiful quilts I've ever had in my studio!

I think she called it Oriental Carpet, it was designed by a woman in Edmonton Alberta, who had a quilt shop at one time. Mary had purchased a kit and taken a workshop.

The quilt reminded Mary of Turkish carpets.  She had spent some time travelling in Turkey and had brought home some rugs as souvenirs.

If you look closely at the border fabric, there is a fantastic print that reminds her of the Whirling Dervishs'  in Turkey, who perform a trance-like, spinning dance as a form of worship.

So, she chose a panto called "Plush" by Lorien Quilting, which also conveys spinning.
She used a beautiful Northcott Stonehenge flannel for the backing.

Mary was so pleased with her quilt, she even shed a few tears, which was a wonderful compliment to me.  


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I think you're right. This is beautiful...It's like a piece of art hanging there; and it is....but you know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

The pattern is called Arabian Nights.... it's in my 'to do' pile!

Awesome quilting Gloria!

Gloria said...

Thanks, for the name, Debra!

On my list, too! I'll have to live a long time to get to my to-do list!

Gloria said...

I just received a note from the pattern author...

Hi Gloria,

I just saw my quilt on your blog.
The quilting you have done was very nice and I just wanted to let you and your clients know
that this pattern and many others are available from Cotton Treasure Design.
Happy Quilting,

Lidia Froehler
A Cotton Treasure Design
15, 52304 RR 233
Sherwood Park, AB
T8B 1C9
Toll free 1-877-964-1342

Rainbows in Wool said...

That borgello (sp?) is seriously gorgeous. Spectacular