Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paintstick Playday

Today our local "longarmers" group got together and had a Paintstick playday at Donna's house.

We mostly used Shiva brand Paintsticks, but we also had an opportunity to try out a couple of other brands.

There were a variety of rubbing plates to experiment with, plus some of us came up with found objects around home to add some texture. Some of those items included stucco wire, an old car mat, some garden netting, metal screening, the back of a floor tile, the grid from the bottom of a planter pot, the grid from the bottom of a tupperware vegetable keeper, a braided straw hot pad, and a ravioli-maker. Just looking around for textured objects was fun! Some worked better than others, some pieces turned out pretty ugly, but others looked amazing! It was all good fun to try out different techniques, which included rubbings, stencilling, and colouring with fabric markers.

Here are a few photos showing the girls hard at play, Debra with her pre-quilted fabric-come tablerunner, Audrey with her work of art, a few of Valerie's and Donna's samples and even a photo of me with my mountain ranges. The possibilities are endless! We have challenged one another to make something with these samples.

Our day also included a fabulous lunch with contributions from all (Larry's soup was wonderful!), and of course, discussion about our longarming issues.


Gloria said...

Sorry Debra, the nice picture of you with the whole tablerunner didn't show off the painting on it, so I used just the closeup instead!

Anonymous said...

No worries, as you know, pictures of me are few and far between....maybe that'll change when I lose that last few pounds and my arms don't jiggle anymore! Great pics of the day though - it would be great to retire so that we could do this once a month.....