Sunday, February 15, 2009

Border Collies

My friend Sharon from Vernon was visiting us this weekend with her Border Collie dog, Bailey. It just so happens that we have two border collie's of our own, and one is also named Bailey! It is always a great time for the dogs to play, and we get alot of enjoyment watching them interact.

Sharon has a good friend, Satu, who recently made a border collie quilt for her, and she brought it along for show and tell. It is fantastic! And the border collie's on the fabric resemble each of our dogs! The quilt is a great example of what you can make with pillow-panel type prints and the co-ordinating fabrics.

It is virtually impossible to get our dogs to pose in front of the camera together, but here is our best attempt! Our puppy Milli is sitting in front of the quilt, Sharon's dog Bailey is sitting on the quilt, and then the two of them are laying in front of the quilt.


Anonymous said...

lierstalplease post where i can get this border collie quilt pattern! my mom has 3 border collies and would love this

Gloria said...

I will try to find out for you!

Vivian said...

Hi ... I enjoyedmy visit to your blog. I'm pretty new to long arm quilting and just do my own work.
I love the boarder collies! I grew up with them on my grandparent's farm when we visited in the summers. As a very young child, I can remember being given a puppy to play with and he immediately took on the task of 'herding' me.

Anonymous said...

You can find this Border Collie print online from Britain from a place called JB Quilting if you are still interested.