Sunday, February 8, 2009

Molly, Queen of Scraps!

Today I finished and
delivered a quilt belonging to 90-year-old Aunt Molly. She is actually my husband's Great-Aunt, who still lives independantly with her husband Walter. Once she retired, she took up quilting, and hasn't stopped since! She has made dozens of quilts, maybe even a hundred! She used to hand-quilt them all, but lately has been machine quilting them, and I've been lucky enough to have machine-quilted a few for her. I must say, she is a very good piecer! Her quilts are very square!

Aunt Molly handed me a stack of quilts she wants donated to Romanian Orphanage children. There is group of dedicated women in town (my mother-in-law included) who make quilts to send to Romania, and Molly likes to support their cause. She has alot of scraps to use up, and boy, does she use them! The photo shows 4 quilts and 3 pillows that are destined for Romania, and the blue rail fence quilt they are on is a hand-quilted one she gave to me several years ago!

Molly uses the tiniest of scraps, even 1 ". Here is a quilt I put together with blocks she made up from the tiny strips. She also makes potholders and seat cushions with the scraps. She is the Queen of Scrap Quilting!

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