Saturday, November 7, 2009

Denise, Again!

Denise started this Jinny Beyer Sampler Quilt over 20 years ago. She says it was her first quilt, that she made at a class taught by Muriel Neale (of Grand Forks) Can you believe it? Jinny Beyer and her fabrics are still going strong and don't go out of style! In my opinion, these are the most gorgeous of sampler quilts made!

I also took this class about 15 years ago, from Karen Holden (of Castlegar). This method was not rotary cut! You made cardboard templates, traced around them, cut approximately 1/4 inch around them, and carefully pinned the pieces together, matching the points long the drawn lines. It is slow, but very accurate. The best part was that by fussy cutting the border fabrics you came up with beautifully unique designs within your block!

Seeing Denise's quilt makes me wish I had used Jinny Beyer prints, too.

Ideally, I would love to have quilted each block separately and accordingly, but time was a factor (it had to ready for the quilt show), so I chose the same medallion to put into each block. Also, the design had an open center, so I was not fighting the junction in the center of most of the blocks where many pieces came together. It worked out really well! The sashing had it's own design, so rather than fight it I just followed the cable-like lines.

The border was pretty much solid, and I wanted something to replicate the onion-dome shapes of many of Jinny Beyer's border prints. I used the panto 'Arabesque' to help me out.

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