Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mom's Quilt

My Mom is not really considered a traditional quilter, but she has made many wool-filled comforters (washing and carding her own wool) over the years. I think one reason I fell in love with quilting is a quilt she made some 50 years ago, and I remember snuggling under it when we used to go camping. It was a string-type quilt made on a foundation, with a blue flannel backing and I can still see it in my head. I got so mad at her several years back, when she told me she donated it to a thrift store! Imagine that, the quilt that started me on this path in life, ...gone! Oh well, I'm over it now, and some day I hope to make a quilt just like it. I'd better put it on paper, so I don't forget what it looked like!

Mom continues to dabble in abit of sewing, and works with a local group of ladies who create charity quilts and pillows. Mom's job is usually cutting up bits of otherwise-useless fabrics and clothing to stuff into pillows. It is easy enough work for her and she enjoys the company of the other ladies.

Anyways, Mom made another quilt top last year, and I finally quilted it up for her. It will eventually make it's way to one of her grandkids, but for now, will be spare bedding for when they come to visit. For someone who hasn't taken a quilt class of any sort, she does a pretty good job! I did help her abit with some of the rotary cutting.

The photograph is showing Mom on her 75th Birthday a couple of years ago, with my sister Liz on the left and me on the right. Now you know where I got my profile picture from!

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