Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McBride Quilters

Through my friend Mona, I got to meet one of her best friends who was visiting from McBride, BC.

Joette is a very active member in her guild. By the sounds of it, they are always making some project or another, and holding workshops all the time. She also attended a Ricky Tims/Alex Anderson workshop this summer. This gal is not afraid to travel!

She brought along with her 2 quilt tops, one of her own, and another belonging to a friend.

Joette's was a BQEasy pattern. From what I know of her so far, she has a thing for african animal prints, and this quilt brought out the wild thing in her!

We chose to gently outline the cat faces, a fern-like meander in the other spaces, and some cat paw prints around the border.

Joette's friends quilt was a "card tricks" pattern, a very modern version with a coffee/latte theme going on. I chose to do a simple feather in the card trick blocks, with another treatment in the sashing. (Is there a name for that design?) I can't remember what I did in the setting triangles, probably a simple feather as well. Too bad I didn't take a better photo of it! I do remember doing piano keys in the border, just by following the stripe in the border fabric.

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