Monday, January 4, 2010

Gift of Love

This is a quilt commissioned by Sandi. ( I'm not sure if I said that right).

Sandi's daughter is expecting a baby, and she had several friends and relatives make up a block to put into a special quilt, being a Gift of Love for the new child. A similar quilt was made for Sandi's first daughter, which she has cherished over the years, and so the desire for the tradition to continue, was born.

Each block was so different! The imaginations of all the participants was amazing! There were all levels of skill portrayed, and it didn't really matter, what mattered is that everyone did their best to show their love.

It was so special to be a part of this family's joy in celebrating their first grandchild.

I kept the quilting simple and basic, as the blocks were busy enough and were the main focus.

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