Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, I don't know about you, but the New Year is always a new beginning for me. My old rut is gone and now is the chance for me to start afresh. Like, getting back to walking (almost) every day, losing a few pounds, spending more quality time with my husband, getting to those unfinished and new quilting projects. It is an exciting time of year! Until, of course, I get bogged down with all these things I am trying to fit into my life, then it might be same old, same old. Oh well, for now I am very excited!

I dragged out some UFO's out of my drawers, some are over 10 years old! I really want to make an effort to finishing them. This week, I've been tackling a quilt destined for a niece who graduated last year. I will post photos once I'm done, but that might not be for awhile, as I have to get back to my customer quilts this week, as well. No more holidays for me!

Time to catch up on posting some quilts. Christmas is over and it should be safe to post some photos.

Here is a quilt Sharon made, for herself, I think. I absolutely love the colour scheme. Purple is one of my favorite colours! I used variegated threads on the front as well as on the back which was a fairly solid colour, so they would look pretty. I like the way I did the border, the swirls made a row of hearts.

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