Friday, January 22, 2010

Lisa Michelle Design

I met a new member of our quilt guild last week, and it turns out she is a neighbour to me and a fellow blogger!

What a small world!  I have added her blog to my list of favorites, be sure to check her out. 

She is a very talented young mother of 3 children.  I love the little quilts she makes, the modern fabrics she uses, her unique designs, and the way she is a participant in different quilt swaps over the internet! 

Lisa is part of the new generation of quilters!

Glad to know you!


Joanne said...

Stunning! The colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing. <3

Lisa W. said...

Ahhhhhh so sweet Gloria, thank you. Can't wait to get back to the quilt guild again. I wont be there this week but I should be there next week. :0)